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What is Variable in Programming? Easy Answer!

What is Variable in Programming?

Finally the answer to the question you all wanted to ask me before. What is variable in Programming?. I mentioned before. A Variable is the basic storage unit of almost any coding language there exists. As told above it’s also a important part of Pascal. Variables are super simple to use and need less effort to activate. Still they are very powerful. I’ll explain more below.

As mentioned above variables are not only used within Pascal. But also other coding languages. These data types are what the computer can store within a Pascal Variable. As mentioned before, Variables have a limit. So storing large values within them will give errors. Below is a reason why it is needed.

Uses And Why It is Powerful

As i mentioned above on why they are important. It’s kinda clear that variables are useful in quite a few regards. If you recall previous examples of posts where i show the usage of data types. In most examples i used a variable.

Their ability to store and use data is what shows their true power. Labelling Variables makes calling them a bit easier. I’ll show it with a example below.

Examples Of Variables

An easy example we can take from older posts. Let’s take the example of calling a string.

What is Variable in Programming?

The example shown above is a simple one. Advanced data types call for advanced usage of variables. Which we can discuss at some future post. As mentioned above, variables are very important. Play around with the code a bit. For more, you can also attend this video from SchoolFreeWare on the subject of Variables.

If that example made less sense and this video did not help for some reason. Worry not! the reason i made this was to learn properly. Not to just look at it and call it a day. We will discuss it in far far more detail in the upcoming posts. Just keep the basics in mind. Eventually you might see coding to make more sense than your national language! And that will be funny.