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Kainaat InPage To Unicode Converter

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Kainaat InPage To Unicode Converter is a lightning-fast Trouble Free InPage Urdu To Unicode Text Converter. If you have InPage Urdu installed on your computer, you must also have this helpful tool. It also cleans up and frees InPage Urdu text from several common errors. You can easily order this product now. It initially supported Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, and Windows ME. 

This tool instantly imports your carefully typed paste text in Microsoft Word and other word processors. It Will Clean-up your InPage text. InPage does an excellent job at Nastaliq WYSIWYG page maker but lacks some basic needs of a standard word processor. It will Correct the Big Yeh Problem.

Let me explain: In InPage, a composer types the word NAHEEN. They type big yeh instead of small yeh. InPage would show it correctly. But converting this text to Unicode or some other format would not join it and would be shown as separate. It will Convert two or more spaces into a single space on the fly. It will Purify your text, and it will not only look more beautiful, but it will also have a smaller file size. It can make a complete Word List Sorted! on the fly. It is handy for making indexes of large files.KAINAAT: InPage to Unicode Text Converter has an intuitive, straightforward interface that saves your learning time and gets you started in minutes. KAINAAT: InPage to Unicode Text Converter saves time and effort by converting one file or several (even thousands!) files into a single pass.

Why convert InPage text to Unicode? Good question! It is a simple fact that search engines can only index text and caption text of images. And if you do not have Unicode text on your website, it will not be indexed in any major search engines(Google, Yahoo, MSN,…) So if your website contains many good Nastaleeq images and great flashes, it may be useless because people can not find you. To make your website indexable by search engines and searchable by people, you should give your website pages as text.KAINAAT: InPage to Unicode Text Converter can end your cyber loneliness. KAINAAT: InPage to Unicode Text Converter can inpage2000.

Put your website in a significant search engine. Get quality traffic from major search engines. KAINAAT: InPage to Unicode Text Converter can help you have more Visitors and customers than you can handle.

Note: UrduKit supersedes Kainaat InPage To Unicode Converter. Now Hilal Inpage to Unicode converter supersedes both of them. So if you need InPage text conversion, buy InPage to Unicode converter. This information is only for historical purposes.