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Why Is Software Testing Important?

Why Is Software Testing Important

The software testing is a vital step in software development. The software testing adds to the quality, speed and satisfaction. It also stops many pitfalls down the road. We can use software testing process to improve the quality of software.

There was a strange situation in a hospital. Several patients died at 9 AM in a medical ward. Probing the matter with a CCTV shocked the management. They saw a sweeper come into the ward. He pulled out the oxygen supply machine and inserted his vacuum cleaner into the socket. Unfortunately, the patient died before he finished the cleaning.

Whether this is true or only a medical joke, it enforces us to think about system design. An extra electric socket could have saved many lives. The same is true for the software industry. Software developers can prevent many disasters from happening in real life. But we need software testing before mass deployment.

New developers ask us about the purpose of software testing and its applications. This article will answer the benefits of software testing. Let us start by learning how necessary software testing is. Today testing software isn’t as good as they were a decade back. Yet, in recent years it has changed. Software testing is a way to check whether software operation is according to the plan.

How Can Software Testing Save You Money?

Do you know that software bugs can cause trillions of dollars to companies? Tricentis analyzed 314 companies for 606 software failures. It estimates that in 2017 these software failures affected 3.6 billion people. It also caused $1.7 trillion in financial loss. And the total software failure downtime was of 268 years.

Software testing can save a lot of money. The earlier you catch a bug in a software product, the easier it will be to fix it. Thus it is important to test at each level of software creation. The worst error is to build a wrong product. Thus errors at design phase can be fatal to success of a software project.

How Can Software Testing Improve Security?How Can Software Testing Improve Security?

The first test flight of Ariane 5 ended in a disaster due to a software bug. Many agree that this software bug was the worst software disaster in history. On 4 June 1996, Flight 501 ended in 37 seconds. The blast was due to a control software error. The software error was a simple data conversion problem. The software code tried to fit a 64-bit integer to a 16-bit integer. It caused data overflow, resulting in an instant loss of $370m. Even manual testing could have prevented this. This example suggests that software testing can improve the security of system manifolds.

How Can Software Testing Improve Quality Of A Product?

Bill Gates, Windows 98, Blue Screen of Death

Who has not seen the famous failure of Windows 98 in presence of Bill Gates. It is fun to watch after all. But this also brings in light the software quality issue. You should test your software on many devices and operating systems to make it better. Unless we do thorough testing we can not give product quality assurance.

Programmers use software code in layers. So many upper level software use the code in a base layer and so on. This layering multiplies any base software error. Early testing can stop this snow ball software defect. Rigorous software testing can improve the quality of a system. We may need manual testing to cover software compatibility issues.

How Can Software Testing Improve Customer Satisfaction?How Can Software Testing Improve Customer Satisfaction?

Do you remember the famous Uber software divorce case? Who knew that software could cause a divorce? This actual incident happened with a Uber customer. He requested Uber once from his wife’s iPhone. The software, later on, sent all trips detail to his wife. This extra info caused doubt and resulted in divorce. How satisfied can a customer be with this kind of software? The above example is not only a lesson of software over-delivering. But this is also a case of not taking care of personal data.

Software testing is the process of evaluating different types of software testing. It helps in finding the best software testing methods. Software testing is helpful in this regard. Software development life cycle is incomplete without regression testing.

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