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Why Is Software Testing Important?

Why Is Software Testing Important

The software testing is a vital step in software development. The software testing adds to the quality, speed and satisfaction. It also stops many pitfalls down the road. We can use software testing process to improve the quality of software. Continue reading Why Is Software Testing Important?

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Why Is Code Optimization Important?


Coding a software solution is only a minor part of a long journey. We know this journey as the software development life cycle. Code optimization, design improvement, and code cleaning software can give a project an edge over rivals. Sadly, optimizing code was at the end of the spectrum in the old software creation life cycle. Luckily, now companies give importance to code optimization. Hence we now have many tools and features that are built into the system to optimize code. Continue reading Why Is Code Optimization Important?

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English Urdu Dictionary

English To Urdu Dictionary

English Urdu Dictionary is a versatile software for learning English or Urdu. It is the most comprehensive and giant electronic dictionary for windows PC.

  • Its index makes it easy to find a word.
  • Interestingly, its Incremental search is a gift for typing less and finding quickly.
  • Also, its real book like design of English to Urdu Dictionary looks beautiful.

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Support FAQs of UrduKit

Frequently Asked Questions

Error while unlocking the full version of UrduKit®

Q. I am having error while unlocking the full version of UrduKit®. What to do?

Symptoms: On some machines error is displayed as:

  • Unable to write to Settings.INI
  • while on others no  error is displayed but the UrduKit® keeps asking the unlock code

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Inpage to Unicode Converter

InPage to Unicode converter software helps you convert InPage Urdu documents to Unicode standard quickly and easily. So you can use this text in MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Websites, Databases, UNIX, Apple, Smart-Phones, Tablet PCs, and all other systems.

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Unicode to Inpage Converter

Unicode to InPage Converter software converts Unicode text to InPage Urdu.

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Welcome to UrduKit!

Welcome To UrduKit

Download UrduKit Now !

UrduKit® is a mega software package for Urdu information processing and media production needs. UrduKit® contains many useful features that save your time and effort. Vast and efficient tools of UrduKit® helps in Urdu Text Processing, Information Production, Web Development, Urdu Publishing, Media Management, Urdu Authoring, Database Development & Social Media Production needs. Every Urdu user needs some of its functionality on daily basis that is why UrduKit® is also known as The Compulsory Urdu Software.

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