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Inpage-To-Unicode-Converter Auto Shutdown Software helps you to automatically Shutdown your PC with many useful options.
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Auto Shutdown Software saves you from high energy bill, stops computer hardware crashes, hacking and data loss and saves precious time by automatically shutting down your PC even when you are asleep or away. It can work for you in different ways! Automatically shutdown, Power-Off, Restart, Logoff, Hibernate, Standby, Suspend your windows PC with loads of options. Reward yourself now with 2 Great Bonuses offered free. Follow me now!
How can you protect your privacy, PC hardware&reduce energy bill?

Welcome! Please Smile and Breathe easily. In a moment or so you are going to learn the details of this smart and useful tool that would make your life easier before you decide to purchase it now. First let us review your situation closely.

Do you have private data like sites visited, documents opened, company files that need to be protected from prying eyes by automatically shutting down or logging off your PC with GreenShield. Security experts say that a lot of private information is obtained through social engineering. That means when you are away and your computer is on it can be in danger. With GreenShield it can be avoided.

Did it happened that you thought you would be back in no time but you came back after several hours or even next day seeing your computer is still working for hackers and bad guys. Now you can stop this from happening by leaving your PC with GreenShield and if you do not come back in due time it would take care of your PC.

How much hidden Energy Bills you pay? You may end up paying a lot of unnecessary energy(electricity) bills. It is not always direct energy bill which a modern PC consumes. PC converts most of the energy in to heat which is fed into the environment and in hot whether it increases the Air-Conditioning and cooling bill also. Even If you have only one PC, you can save hundreds of dollars per year wasted in energy bills but if you have several PCs then you may be wasting thousands of dollars per year. You can reduce your energy bills by making your PC standby, shutdown with GreenShield.

Save your precious computer hardware like Hard disk, LCD monitor, RAM etc. that has a limited hours of MTBF(Mean Time Between Failure). You may not realise that more important than all of these is power supply or CPU cooler fan which has even much much less MTBF and if it stops working, it may knock down your whole PC or even fire can result in extreme cases. With GreenShield situation is in control.

OK! You may have your PC insured but no company can insure your data. Even CIA may not have latest backup of your data (after all they are also government employees Just kidding). All of us know how difficult data backup process is and even when backup data is restored it is never last update. So to keep your data safe, keep your computer safe and IDEAL solution is to use it only when needed and hibernate or even shutdown when not needed. GreenShield can be your servant here.
With its risk free money back guarantee you have nothing to loose. We are so much confident of our software, support services, constant updates and your faithfulness that we are selling it with 7 weeks money back guarantee. You may stop reading more and practically check out this great package. It will be fun!

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Are you downloading a large file from internet or do you use time-limited internet connection? GreenShield is the only software in the market that can SENSE internet connection/disconnection and can turn-off your PC when disconnected. It is an extra feature with the same price.

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Salient Features

  • Online Based Shut down the computer when the Internet is Disconnected. First tool with this feature.
  • Date Based Shut down the computer at certain Date, Time, hour, Minute, Second (e.g. at Sunday, 12th October 12:00 PM).
  • Count Down Shut down the computer in several minutes (e.g. in 15 minutes).
  • Several types of shut down (shut down, restart, log off, power off, suspend, hibernate).
  • Immediate shut down and computer lock from the tray bar icon menu.
  • Nice Look and Very Easy interface
  • Fully functional Unlimited trial (only 29.30$ to buy)
  • Bulk discounts can save you a lot.

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Smile before ordering now!

System Requirements

  • GreenShield Auto Shutdown PC requires the following minimum system configuration to run:
  • Works with Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003.
  • 32 megabytes (MB) of memory
  • BIOS capable of APM (Advanced Power Management)
  • 4 MB hard drive space
  • 640 x 480 (any color depth) - 800 x 600 x 16-bit color recommended

Thinking about the buying decision you can easily convince yourself by reading these sincere comments by our respectable customers: "Do you know what forced me to say thank you today? I bet you can not guess. Well It is my new wonderful job. Now what this has to do with your software? A lot. Let me explain: I was not careful about my computer and I was planning to quit job. All of my so secret documents were on my computer. Today my friend told me that my old boss asked his secretary several times to check out my computer out of suspicion but she could not succeed because every time my computer was locked. I think it was this tiny tool that saved my ass. I am thankful to you for this" Samuel David, Miami, USA. "Though I originally bought this software for the sake of bonus e-books but I must say this tool is also very useful. I use it on a daily basis and its shortcut is always present on my desktop. Thank you for your good effort" Tom Vitale, Manchester, UK

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We will send you download link along with your exclusive password to enjoy the software. This is secure link You can always use it safely.

The bottom line is that GreenShield can help you to save your privacy, protect your PC, Cleanup environment and reduce energy bill by automatically shutdown, restart, hibernate, standby your windows PC with several options.

P.S. I'm impressed with the time you took to read this page and you've come a long way at least considering making your life better. You may decide to get this product now

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